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This is my first sewing pattern I am releasing to the public.  I will take some step by step pictures when I make the ones I have cut now 🙂  These are “Flared” suck or chew pads for a Tula Baby carrier.

flared suck pad pattern


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I was inspired to make this “sock” monkey for my nephew, Elijah’s, 1st birthday. I knew there would be a problem with the monkey going to Elijah when I saw his older brother wearing sock monkey pj’s, and boy was I right!

Eliji the Sock Monkey

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I was inspired to make a penguin for a friend’s baby because she was moving from Louisiana to Alaska. I didn’t get it done before she moved but I named him Ben in honor of her son, Benjamin. copyright 2011 by: Sarah E. Inserra

Ben The Penguin

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I was inspired to create this as a small baby shower gift. It seems everyone I know is having babies, and this nice washable rattle is perfect. It is a much more simplistic take on the Cary Caterpillar pattern- it does not involve decreasing. I usually make this and give it along with a copy of the Hungry Caterpillar book- just an idea. copyright 2011 by: Sarah E. Inserra

Colorful Caterpillar Rattle

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This 20” Doll is very similar to the one I had as a child, her name was Angelica and she came everywhere with me, she was my best friend, she even looked like me with long blonde hair and blue eyes. I hope that this easy doll pattern can make some young girl in your life happy.

I was Inspired to create this doll for the young girls at the Nashotah House Campus where we live while my husband studies to be an Anglican Priest, there are so many kids here and who doesn’t want a totally washable, best friend for life? copyright 2011 by: Sarah E. Inserra

When I make this as a gift I include this message on the note card:

Here is a Best Friend doll hand crafted just for you. She is yours to name and officially adopt on ______Date_____.

She is fully machine washable and dryable, I would only suggest that she be placed in a laundry/lingerie bag to protect her while washing and drying. She wears preemie and newborn clothes.

I had a doll very much like the one I made for you when I was a child, I hope you enjoy her as much as I enjoyed my dolly!

Please love her and hug her often!

Best Friend Doll

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I wanted a sporty but yet funky hat to wear with my new ski coat I had just purchased, so I first made a traditional earflap hat, to which I put on, turned toward my husband and heard him say “wanna toss around the pig skin.” Needless to say I frogged that one and thought for a few days and came up with this pattern, which combines the earflap look with a really wide brim, which does not make me look like a 1940’s football player! copyright 2011 by: Sarah E. Inserra

Button Flap Hat

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I used the Cinch Stitch in my pattern (Best Friend Doll) that was published in the Spring 2009 issue of Loom Knitters Circle, but the instructions for the stitch didn’t make it in the issue, so here they are. If you have any questions, ask away…. copyright 2009 by: Sarah E. Inserra

The instructions are in the Techniques tab.

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