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This is my first sewing pattern I am releasing to the public.  I will take some step by step pictures when I make the ones I have cut now 🙂  These are “Flared” suck or chew pads for a Tula Baby carrier.

flared suck pad pattern


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I wanted a sporty but yet funky hat to wear with my new ski coat I had just purchased, so I first made a traditional earflap hat, to which I put on, turned toward my husband and heard him say “wanna toss around the pig skin.” Needless to say I frogged that one and thought for a few days and came up with this pattern, which combines the earflap look with a really wide brim, which does not make me look like a 1940’s football player! copyright 2011 by: Sarah E. Inserra

Button Flap Hat

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I am still trying to see how to make this page work the way I want, I now have a tab on top for free patterns, so from now on, look up there for the link to the pattern!!

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I know if you look at my photos you will see more knit things- the patterns are in the process, hand written, they need to be typed up!!! Keep your eyes open!!

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Hello Looming world!

Ok- so I will admit it, I have a Loom addiction, well mostly an addiction to Markman Farms looms. I totally love them. They take a bit of getting used to at first for 1 main reason, that is actually 2, they have wooden pegs without tops. This makes it a bit easier for yarn to slip off (rarely does for me) and there is almost no flexibility in the pegs (no “give”). Some people like this, others do not, I personally do. I can knit faster because I don’t have the extra top I have to pull the yarn over and it helps my wrist not to hurt from too much knitting. I also feel that the stitches are more uniform and the end product is therefore closer to the gauge you do in a swatch because there is no pulling in of the pegs to create a smaller and smaller piece, like can happen with the more flexible pegs. If you buy a Markman farms loom, I would suggest an adjustable double rake, probably in Small gauge, unless you are using bulky yarn, then you want to use a Half gauge- the largest gauge is ok- but very much like a Knifty knitter, the half gauge gives you nicer stitches, in my opinion. The ADR’s are nice because they are totally customizable for size, you can adjust her newer looms by every peg, giving you the ability to custom fit things nicely. if you have any other question, please fell free to contact me, I am not paid by Markman Farms, I lust really love Lynn’s looms!! In case you were wondering how big a fan I am- here is what I have- you can see that most of them are Markman Farms!! (cut from another email)

1. Small Gauge Markman Farms Adjustable Double Rake (ADR) in Small Gauge (SG)- 8″, 12″, 18″, 30″. Small Gauge end pieces 18″ and 8″ as well as at least 6 sets of
short end pieces and 2 sets of long (7peg) end pieces.

2. Kniffty Knitter (round set)

3. Markman farms ADR Regular Gauge 18″ plus 18″ end piece, and 2 sets of both the short and long end pieces.

4. Markman farms ADR Half Gauge 30″ plus 2 sets of both the short and long end pieces

5. Markman Farms SG Thumb buddies ( all 3)

6. Markman farms SG giftie loom- I call it a Prayer Shawl Rake- about 30″ long- not sold on site- that I have seen at least.

7. KK flower loom

8. KK i-cord maker (double ended- pink)

9. Bloom Loom

10. DA looms- Fine Gauge AJAL 12″ and 2 sets of both short and long end pieces

11. KK Straw weaver

I actually did have more but I have sold a couple and gave my mom a couple I didn’t really use, I also might have more but I am at work and trying to go from my head. I LOVE Markman Looms looms. They are totally my favorite looms ever (can you tell?), I wouldn’t use anything else. I really love the Wooden pegs w/o tops.

My fave looms are the 12″ SG ADR with 4 peg end pieces and the 8″ ADR with 3 or 4 peg end pieces. They are totally portable and versatile. ok so now that you can all add up how much money I have spent on looms in the last couple years, I am going to go actually do some work at work!!

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