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I wanted to create a simple slipper pattern that had shape and a bit of style, with minimal seaming, that was stylish for both guys and girls. I hope you enjoy! This pattern uses a Half Gauge loom. It is the first time I have used this loom, I liked it! copyright 2009 by: Sarah E. Inserra


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So, I wanted a pattern that was specific for my looms and that I could make fit my small hands, so I created this pattern. I have wanted to make them for a while now but I couldn’t think of how to do it. Then one day I was making a dog sweater for my boss’ new Yorkie puppy, Lucy, and as I slipped it over my hand to turn it inside out to weave in the ends, voila, I had my stroke of genius! A dog sweater is just like fingerless gloves, except there is only one hole instead of two! copyright 2009 by: Sarah E. Inserra

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I am still trying to see how to make this page work the way I want, I now have a tab on top for free patterns, so from now on, look up there for the link to the pattern!!

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I know if you look at my photos you will see more knit things- the patterns are in the process, hand written, they need to be typed up!!! Keep your eyes open!!

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How I hold my crochet hook

This is how I hold my crochet hook, it is a youtube video. Hope you enjoy! You can see the finished blanket in my craft photos, I am looming under it. It is 5’X6′.

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This is one of the first patterns I ever wrote, so it is not that good. I made a much simpler rattle that will be featured in Loom Knitters Circle Magazine in March. But I thought I would share this one with you now. It uses decrease on an adjustable loom. copyright 2009 by: Sarah E. Inserra

Please see tab on top for pattern!

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I was inspired by the love of Christmas stockings, oh and my mom asked me to create a pattern to match the original “family” stockings for the new members (spouses). The pattern does not have the pictures included, I had gotten them from free sites online! They were done using Duplicate Stitch. copyright 2009 by: Sarah E. Inserra

Please see Pattern tab on top for pattern file.


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